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'The Treasure of Captain Curlylocks'

When the treasure chest of Captain Curlylocks washes up on the Beach, Nadia takes a careful peek inside ... but what is this!
Instead of rubies and pearls, Captain Curlylocks has left her patchwork pirate coat and inside it’s pocket 
... a treasure map!!! 

Join Nadia as she sets sail on an unforgettable and fun-filled adventure to a land where the imagination runs free!

The Treasure of Captain Curlylocks combines comedy, music and audience participation. Suitable for children aged 3 - 8 and their families.

This wonderful show has just been made available to childcare centres and kindergartens! 

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Promo clip - Captain Curlylocks

'Nadia & The Blue Flamingo'

THIS SHOW HAS BEEN RETIRED ... (but I just don't have the heart to take it off my website - x Nadia)
A singing south wind flutters into town … weaving a playful dance around Nadia’s washing line and filling the air with magic and song. With a dash of imagination, a hint of mayhem and a basket full of hope, Nadia and her audience discover that true friends can sometimes be found right under your toes.

“It was important for me to craft a show that engages and celebrates the magic of imaginary play. Nadia is a playful character and brings the Blue Flamingo to life from domestic items found at her fingertips. Constructing the puppet in front of the audience was a conscious decision to inspire and ignite the imaginations of children and their grown-ups. I promise you’ll never look at a pair of stripy socks the same way again!”  

Nadia & The Blue Flamingo 
combines music, comedy, puppetry and audience participation in an engaging and heartfelt tale of friendship. Suitable for children aged 3 – 8 and their families.



Promo clip - The Blue Flamingo

Mr Wiggle & Mr Waggle